Cybot Lap Desk by NerdyTec Review: Comfort and Efficiency

Working from home took a lot of us by force this year, and with lots of people trying to find the comfiest way to do so, it may seem like a prudent time to look into a lap desk of their very own.

The Cybot lap desk from NerdyTec is geared toward creating a comfortable experience when working on your laptop on your couch, bed, or other “alternative workspace.”


The box looked intimidatingly large but was surprisingly light. There was minimal packaging, which is definitely a plus, and I only needed a knife to get through the plastic on the armrests. There was a cool sticker on the packaging around the desk if you’re into extra branding (I stuck it on one of the armrests). I liked how everything came out of the box in the order I needed to assemble it.

First Impressions

The wood desk looks quite elegant, and the wrist wrests are a nice touch. The armrests are good-looking, and the material seems like it could handle a spill. The pockets are a good size, but I question if my mouse will fit in the attachable mouse pocket. The material on the armrests is described as a “leather-look,” and it really does.

Cybot Lap Desk by NerdyTec Assembly

Assembly is pretty straightforward. The cushions go first, add the desk, and you’re ready to go. The setup comes with a small piece of wood shaped like a T that is supposed to help hold your tablet in place in the “tablet slit.” The instructions are a little vague on how the “wood T” is supposed to be oriented to hold your tablet, so I tried it both upside down and right way up (based on the T orientation). 

The attachable mouse bag comes with Velcro and double-sided tape, ready to be stuck to the side or front of your desk. The strip is cut perfectly to the wood desk’s width, and it doesn’t take much pressure to stick it on. I put my mouse bag on my desk’s right side, which orients the opening toward me, but you can put it on the left side or front, depending on preference. Keep in mind that the double-sided tape orientation will impact where the opening of your mouse bag is, depending on the location.

The desk also comes with a NerdyTec mousepad with what I will call the biggest 3M sticky I have ever seen on the back of it. It covers a nice amount of the desk, and the corners lay very flat when it is stuck down.

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