Cycon Couchmaster by NerdyTec Review: Mastering Your Couch

Small laptop screen got you down? Kitchen table just not cutting it anymore? Don’t worry, NerdyTec has your back with the Cycon Couchmaster.

The Couchmaster is designed to work as a lap desk for your keyboard and mouse while giving you the ability to connect to a computer across the room, say, connected to your TV for easy viewing perhaps?

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While I’m not sure if it’s Cycon like “cocoon” or like “cyber” what I am sure of is the level of comfort that comes with this unit. It’s a bit finicky in some places, but we’ll get into that below.


The box was very large but a manageable weight. There was a fair bit of packaging, but some of it was recyclable in nature, which is nice. I liked how everything came out of the box in the order I needed to assemble it in and clearly noted which end was up.

First Impressions

The armrests are suede which is super soft to the touch, and the stitching is nice which gives them a classy overall look. They really scream quality. The pockets are a good size, but I question if my ergonomic mouse will fit in the attachable mouse pocket.

The desk portion seemed bulky out of the box, but is light enough to maneuver around, which is key for setup. 

The unit comes with a NerdyTec mouse pad that covers about a quarter of the desk. It’s an unattached mousepad, and unfortunately mine had a small crease out of the box that I haven’t been able to work out.

Assembly & Parts

Assembly takes a bit of work for this unit, but the instructions are clear enough and you should be able to get through it in less than ten minutes.

Parts List:

  • 2 armrests 
  • 1 plastic desk
  • Mouse bag
  • Double sided tape (2 rolls)
  • Small phillips screwdriver
  • USB extender cord
  • USB 3.0 cable

The attachable mouse bag comes with Velcro and double-sided tape ready to be stuck to the side or front of your desk, but you also get 2 spare roles of tape in case you change your mind.

I put my mouse bag on the right side of my desk which orients the opening toward me, but you can put it on the left side or front, depending on preference. Keep in mind that the orientation of the double-sided tape will impact where the opening of your mouse bag is, depending on the location.

In total, within the desk piece there are 4 USB ports, including 1 in the top-center of the desk and 3 inside. 

On the back of the desk, there are 10 screws that open 2 compartments in the back of the desk. These compartments are where the other 3 USB ports are tucked away, along with the port that connects the USB3.0 extender cord to your tower/laptop.

The compartments have little “posts” in them that you can neatly wrap your cables around, and each compartment has a hole that leads to the front of the desk to run your cables through.

Depending on how many wired devices you have and how tidy you like your cables, you can use either both or one side of the back compartment. Keep in mind that whether you put your own cables in there or not, the connection for the USB extender cord is in the left-rear panel so you will need to open that side, at least for first setup.

It was convenient that the screwdriver came with the unit, but removing the 10 screws is quite a tedious activity, and putting them back in isn’t much better, so my recommendation is to be sure your setup is final before you close the desk up. 

With the desk screwed shut, flip it over and situate it on the armrests. Connect the super long USB extender to your tower/laptop and you’re ready to go.

This desk does lose a point as you cannot connect your headphones unless they are USB based as the desk doesn’t offer an audio/mic input. So don’t count on using your iPhone earbuds for this one.

Using the Desk

The first word I would use to describe this set up is comfy. The armrests are firm enough to create a sturdy support for the desk, while being soft enough to lean on. The built in pockets on the armrests are very easy to access and great for holding everything from remotes and cell phones to water bottles.

I really like how sturdy this desk is; you can confidently lean on either armrest without too much sinking in. Getting in and out of the desk involves picking up the desk portion which is a little bulky, and you have to mind the cord as you move. 

I put the attachable mouse pocket on the right side of the desk which made the opening face me when seated and, upon trial, my ergonomic mouse does fit inside.

This unit gets major bonus points for the flexibility when it comes to how wide the desk can be set up. Because the desk is not fixed to the armrests it allows you to orient the set up as wide or narrow as you like, depending on your body type and sitting preference.  I have sat cross-legged under every lap desk I’ve owned and this is one of the first to accommodate that. I will note that the desk sits a little low and touches my legs if I’m not sitting completely flat.

In terms of hook ups, there was no lag at all between the devices I had connected to the desk and the laptop across the room during gaming or business use. 

This unit is compatible either with a tower or laptop as it only requires a USB port to connect and is ideal for use in the TV room.


When it comes to quality, the Cycon Couchmaster has very few flaws. The armrests are soft to the touch and have quality stitching. The Couchmaster desk is made of neatly molded plastic with the name pressed into the front for added style.

I noticed flaws in the wrist guard inlay on one side. They’re a sleek leather-look material, but one is sitting slightly offset as though it’s either too big or has shifted since being glued into place.

The bulkiness of the armrests and width of the desk make this unit less than inconspicuous to store, and it usually takes me two trips to move the whole thing to its “not in use” home.

But, if your set up is living room based and you’re looking to add a bit of comfort and eliminate the lag that can come with wireless devices, then the Couchmaster just might be your solution.

Overall Opinion

The few flaws I’ve noted here are easily balanced by the overall high quality nature of this unit, and there is no comparing the comfort of the suede armrests to your traditional style lap desk. Overall I would recommend the Cycon Couchmaster to anyone looking to enhance their couch gaming experience or add a bit of comfort to your daily work from home. 

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