Cycon Couchmaster by NerdyTec Review: Mastering Your Couch

Small laptop screen got you down? Kitchen table just not cutting it anymore? Don’t worry, NerdyTec has your back with the Cycon Couchmaster.

The Couchmaster is designed to work as a lap desk for your keyboard and mouse while giving you the ability to connect to a computer across the room, say, connected to your TV for easy viewing perhaps?

*Artsy filter so you can’t actually tell how badly my plants are doing.

While I’m not sure if it’s Cycon like “cocoon” or like “cyber” what I am sure of is the level of comfort that comes with this unit. It’s a bit finicky in some places, but we’ll get into that below.


The box was very large but a manageable weight. There was a fair bit of packaging, but some of it was recyclable in nature, which is nice. I liked how everything came out of the box in the order I needed to assemble it in and clearly noted which end was up.

First Impressions

The armrests are suede which is super soft to the touch, and the stitching is nice which gives them a classy overall look. They really scream quality. The pockets are a good size, but I question if my ergonomic mouse will fit in the attachable mouse pocket.

The desk portion seemed bulky out of the box, but is light enough to maneuver around, which is key for setup. 

The unit comes with a NerdyTec mouse pad that covers about a quarter of the desk. It’s an unattached mousepad, and unfortunately mine had a small crease out of the box that I haven’t been able to work out.

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