Deepcool GAMMAXX GT TPG CPU Cooler Review

Packaging & Unboxing

The Deepcool GAMMAXX GT comes in a black box with yellow TUF accents. The front of the box includes a close up of the top of the cooler and its RGB lighting matching the TUF yellow.

Spinning the box to its side, you’re presented with the Intel and AMD socket compatibility as well as the technical specifications of the cooler.

On the other side, a similar close-up shot of the cooler with a TUF Gaming Alliance logo in the upper right corner.

When opening the box, you’re shown a breakdown of the GAMMAXX GT’s features.

Pulling away the feature list, you get your first look of the cooler which is encased with thin foam on 3 sides and the accessory box on the other.

As you remove all components from the box, you notice that in addition to the cooler there are two sets of fan clips, RGB splitter cable, RGB extender cable, mounting hardware for Intel/AMD, TUF stylized fan, an installation manual and Deepcool TIM.

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