Deepcool GAMMAXX GT TPG CPU Cooler Review

A Closer Look

After getting the GAMMAXX GT out of the box we personally enjoyed its overall look. The fins feel well built and not as flimsy as other coolers we have used. Below the top cover you can see the included RGB plate.

Looking at the top, it has a nice premium feel with a stylish abstract design. The tops of the heat pipes are covered with a silver cap that matches the silver lines on the top of the cooler. Also, in the center is a design cutout so that you can clearly see the RGB from the top.

At the bottom, you can see the 4 direct contact heat pipes as well as a plastic film with a warning message to remove before installation.

The fan is black with yellow accents and contains a TUF Gaming Alliance logo in the center. Like the cooler, it also has RGB lighting which is lit from the center of the fan blades.

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