Deepcool GAMMAXX GT TPG CPU Cooler Review

Testing & Performance

To see how well the Deepcool GAMMAXX GT can keep my 8700K cool we are going to use a program called “Prime95”. This program does various PI calculations which puts extreme stress on the CPU and in turn causes the temperature of the CPU to increase greatly.

For this test, we will record both idle and load temperatures using HwInfo64 for both stock and overclocked settings. To get a fairly accurate idle temperature we let the PC sit for 5 minutes after loading windows and then proceeded to run Prime95 for 20 minutes to get a load temperature. Instead of averaging the temperature of all cores, we will instead use the CPU package readout for the idle/load temperatures.

During our test of a stock 8700K (running 4.3GHz on all cores with default voltage) we had an idle temperature of 30C and a load temperature of 79C. Now you would probably never see these temperatures while gaming or regular workloads so we have a little room with the GAMMAXX GT to overclock the 8700K.

In the BIOS we overclocked the 8700K to run at 4.5GHz on all cores and found a stable core voltage of 1.28v. As you can see from the readouts below, our idle temperature rose 6C to 36C and our load temperature peaked at 88C. Note that your idle temps would be lower if you configure the CPU to automatically downclock the CPU while idling.

We were quite impressed as the Deepcool GAMMAXX GT handled the toasty 8700K quite well. It allowed us apply a 200GHz overclock across all cores while keeping the temperature well within the 8700K thermal limits.

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