Deepcool GAMMAXX GT TPG CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Not only did the Deepcool GAMMAXX GT TPG preform well with my 8700k, it looked great while doing it. The cooler is well built and the abstractly designed cover really gives it that premium look. The included RGB lighting is quite stunning and is just enough to make it pop. Inclusion of the RGB connector and extension cable was a nice bonus and made hooking up the RGB to my existing controller a breeze. What I really appreciated was that the GAMMAXX GT is perfectly sized and didn’t block any of my RAM slots as many aftermarket coolers tend to do. In my opinion, with the inclusion of RGB as well as the stylish aluminum top cover, it is priced well at $44.99. So, whether you’re looking for that TUF CPU cooler to complete your TUF themed build or just looking for a great cooler in both design and performance, make sure to check out Deepcool’s GAMMAXX GT TPG.

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