Eksa E5 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review


The last pair of Active Noise cancelling (ANC) headphones I can remember using were enormous and required a couple batteries, maybe even a couple batteries per side. Well the game has changed and Eksa has come out to play. 

First Impressions

These headphones came in a pretty sturdy box that still managed to sustain a bit of damage in transport. Inside that box though was another box, if you will. These wireless headphones come in a sleek zip up, hard foam case that fits all the accessories that go with them.

Inside the carrying case the headphones lay flat on one side, held in by a stretchy band. It’s neat how they swivel and bend in multiple directions to fit in the case. They are also extendable so you can adjust them to your head. Out of the box, these look stylish and they feel well made.

Gone are the days of multiple AAA batteries, these wireless headphones are rechargeable. They come with a USB charger, and the indicator light on the side tells you when the battery is done charging. 

It was easy to tell when the headphones were plugged in and charging vs. finished charging as the light turns off when charging is finished. They unfortunately don’t come with their own charging block to plug into the wall, but work just fine all of the ones I had around the house.

In case you’re not one for wireless, but still want to take advantage of the sound cancelling power of these headphones, they come with an aux cable that you can hook up to use the headphones via wire. Because these are made to be used on an airplane, they also come with a two point audio adapter for those older hookups on some planes.

Sound and Function

As soon as you put these on your head, whether music is playing or not, you experience an instant sound vacuum. The ANC feature is designed to help minimize how much loud noise you can hear around you, such as when you’re on an airplane or train ride,or your rowdy neighbours won’t give it a rest in the middle of the night. When you turn on this feature using the ANC button on the headphones, it’s like putting the vacuum I mentioned earlier inside another vacuum. You can really feel the silence.

It turns out that the way these headphones bend and swivel are not only helpful when it comes to storage, but also when it comes to how they sit on your head. The headphone on either side flexes in all four directions, and tilts, which allows it to angle to the shape of your head, and the soft foam cushion does the rest.

These headphones connect to your device via bluetooth. After running them at a reasonable volume, playing music for about 6 hours now, with about 2 of those hours using the ANC function, I still haven’t managed to get the battery to drop below 90%. 

The cushion around the ear pieces is nice, but I wish there was more cushion along the headband. The silicone/rubber on the inside of the headband is soft to the touch but doesn’t do much to cushion your head from the weight of the headphones over long wear periods.

The sound quality on these headphones is great; you get a full, immersive sound with deep bass. They’re perfect for when you’re really trying to hear what you’re listening to. Now, these do have a microphone function on them that allows you to take calls hands free, but the quality of audio that these pick up is quite low. From the other end of the call the voice sounded distant or echoey. So while they are functional for your phone needs, the built in mic wouldn’t be my first choice for recording audio.

The range on the wireless capabilities of these headphones are quite impressive; I got at least 40 feet away from my phone and behind a concrete wall before they started cutting out. 

Overall Opinion

These headphones have a really stylish look and the hard shell carrying case is super convenient. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to record audio with, these might not be the pair for you. If you’re looking for a solid pair of noise cancelling, wireless headphones that really allow you to get into the groove, then I think you’ve found what you’re looking for.

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