DUNU DN-2000 Hybrid 3-Way In-Ear Earphones Review


Good quality audio makes entertainment more enjoyable be it gaming, listening to music or watching movies. While some prefer using speakers, headphones and earphones provide clearer and crisper audio output due to the absence of obstacles and distance between the source to your ears. For those that dig earphones, today we will be reviewing earphones on a different level, the audiophile level that is. Join us as we check out DUNU’s DN-2000 Hybrid 3-way In-Ear earphones.

Before we check out the earphones, let us check out the brand that made these first. DUNU is a young player in the market but they are getting a lot of popularity amongst the audiophile community brought by the success of their older products like the predecessor of this earphones we will review, the DN-1000. You can check out their website for more information as well as their other products at www.dunu-topsound.com. Check out their brand story below.

About DUNU – Delicate, Unique & Utmost

With advanced technology and hi-end equipments, DUNU desires to be able to provide Delicate, Unique and Utmost products for Hi-Fi embracers. Delicate means extremely quality demanding on product process, from every little component to product manufacturing. DUNU has complete production line and equipments, including precise equipments, B&K frequency machine, IMD sputter, CNC machine, anechoic room, etc. Concerning design of product, DUNU also devotes to create unique outer appearance and balance in all sound frequency.

Utmost is not only the expectation on products, but also the pursuit of an Earphone Manufacturer. The founder of DUNU, himself, has years experience in OEM/ODM earphone products in which many worldwide famous earphone Brands are included. However, in order to create the most enjoyable earphone on his own, DUNU’s president establishes the brand “DUNU” and implants many hi-end equipments and hires talented employees. From then on, DUNU takes the lead in developing the first Chinese made metal earphone, developing 5.8mm Driver unit and produce the very first Chinese Balance Armature Earphone, in 2014 DUNU release China first triple driver Dynamic and Balance Armature Hybrid earphone, All these preparation are to step on the world stage and to challenge renowned earphone brands. The ultimate goal of DUNU is to provide worldwide HI-FI embracers our Delicate, Unique & Utmost earphone products.

DUNU’s Take on the DN-2000 In-ear Earphones

Pioneering hybrid technology, the DN-2000 brings you astonishing audio performance. Pursuing perfection, it combines a dynamic driver custom-made by DUNU with a Knowles balanced armature driver. It is no longer a dream to wanted in the smooth and crystal-clear music as the broad dynamic performance – the DN-2000 presents all audio in full soundtracks of Hollywood blockbusters. There is  no need to search for the best earphone because the DN-2000 has arrived.

Designed for artists and music professional, the full range acoustics of the DN-2000 suit music of all genres. With stylish metal design that is both durable and comfortable and unique in-ear fit that can effectively reduce the environmental noise by 26 dB, the DN-2000 easily becomes a part of your life and brings unparalleled enjoyment. Experience every moment of your music experience like never before with DUNU.

Check out the DN-2000’s specifications on the next page.

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