E800 Gaming Headset with Lighting Review

The E800 is one of Eksa’s most affordable gaming headsets, coming in at just $29.99, but that doesn’t stop it from having some cool features. This headset has a retractable microphone and glows in all the right places!

What’s in the Box?

Unfortunately, on arrival the box was quite badly damaged. Luckily the product inside was ok. 

The headphones come in a sleek leather-look bag with a drawstring at the top; a great reusable option for storing your headphones, especially if you’re like me and are never satisfied just tossing them in a drawer.The headset comes with a single input jack, however Eksa also provides you with an audio/mic splitter adapter for set ups that require you to have separate inputs.

First Impressions

The headset itself is made of a lightweight plastic that feels a little cheap out of the box, and rattles as it moves. It makes me wonder if these sounds will reverberate through when I’m wearing the headset.

I am a big fan of the braided cable that this model has; a good braided cable tends to stand the test of time. The cable also has a sewn-on Velcro “cable wrangler” so you never have to use an elastic to wrap up your cord and you won’t lose the thing. The length of the cable wrangler is perfect for creating a tight coil with the cable. If you’re like me and can’t sit still during a conference call, the cable wrangler is also quite durable if you fiddle with it constantly.

The single connector splits at the end into a USB and the headphone/mic connector. There’s nothing complicated about the lights: plug them in and away you glow.

I will note that because there is no off switch the only way to turn off the lights is to unplug the power source, which leaves an awkwardly dangling cable. A switch for the lighting would have been a good feature to include.

The mic is retractable and pulls out of the left side headphone. I wonder how this will hold up long term, as the movement is less than smooth when pulling out or pushing in the mic. 


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