E800 Gaming Headset with Lighting Review

E800 Gaming Headset with Lighting Performance


Function and Sound

The USB is what powers the glowing aspects of the headset, but if you don’t have access to a USB on your particular set up, you can still use this headset for its audio/mic capabilities without turning on the glow, which is a nice feature that makes this headset compatible with different devices.

There is a volume control and mute switch halfway up the cord that is supposed to control the functionality of the headset. The volume control works seamlessly, however i have not found the mute switch to work consistently. So, I rely on my PC’s mute controls for that function.

Initially, the sound was a little left sided, but that problem was solved by unplugging and replugging the audio jack.

The lights give this headset an immediate cool vibe, with a glow on either earphone and on the tip of the retractable mic. This model comes in both blue and yellow so you have some options depending on your style.

It doesn’t take a lot of adjusting to get this to sit comfortably on your head. The silicone/leather-like strap is very flexible and provides a gentle but firm hold that doesn’t allow the headset to slide off your ears, no matter how much you move your head around.

I will note that the headset does make a fair bit of noise that echoes through the headphones if it’s jostled or touched.

In terms of sound quality, I would rate these headphones equal to their cost. The sound is incredibly clear and creates a nice 360 degree sound vibe (once you fiddle with the plug), however the sound is a bit hollow with a less rich sound than some other models. The noise cancelling ability is quite impressive, with lower bass sounds barely coming through and high pitched sounds not coming through at all.

This headset is definitely comfortable on your head over the long term. Even after wearing it for a few hours of gaming, I didn’t get “ear fatigue” (which is what I call it when the headset makes your ears sore).


Overall Opinion

While I wouldn’t call this the best that Eksa offers in terms of quality, I would call this model a decent value, especially when you consider the lighting elements on this headset. The sound quality is good for everyday use and the braided cable is sure to stand up against frequent use.

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