Eagletech ET-CSMDSU2-BK Dual Bay SATA to USB Enclosure


Closer look

Operately there is little differences between the last model we reviewed and this one. The ET-CSMDSU2-BK can hold two drives at one up to 2TB maybe bigger once larger drives are released. Once the drives are installed you have two options in which to run the drives. The first is dual as the PC will see each of the drives under different drive letters. The second option is to select JBOD mode. Which allows the PC to see both drives as one. This mode is not like Raid. Note the insert below from Wiki:

“Note that neither concept provides for data redundancy. The usage is contentious; in careful usage, JBOD refers to the first (independent disks), as there is no other term to refer to this, while concatenation is referred to by unambiguous terms such as SPAN or BIG.”

The front of the unit consist of a mirror-like panel that when opened reveals the inside of the enclosure where the hard drives would slide into. The doors are released via two small buttons at the top of the enclosure. The doors will attract some finger prints due to it glassy-like make up. But there is very little reason to be touching the little doors except in the process of sliding the HDD into place.

The new enclosure is a total revamp of the older model we reviewed the unit is made from aluminum and is heavily vented on most of three sides with mesh opens like you will see in a lot of computer cases. It is great as it provides better cooling through ventilation. And we hope that it results in a quieter fan than the last model.

Here is a shot at the top of the enclosure. One third solid and two thirds ventilated consist of the two front door releases and at the rear are LED for enclosure and hard drive operations.

The last image is of the rear which is comprised of a six pin power connector which you would see on some older security camera setups, a off/on toggle switch and a b-type female plug. To cool the unit a small 60mm cooling fan is provided protected by a plastic fan guard. For interaction with the enclosure are two buttons: one to select the mode of the enclosure and another to see a preset backup of a drive.

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