Eagletech ET-CSMDSU2-BK Dual Bay SATA to USB Enclosure



First of all, I would like to say that we love the visual appearance of the ET-CSMDSU2-BK. The mesh covering is ideal as it perfectly matches many of the cases that are on the market. You know the ones with the mesh facial that is big this season. Only only does the mesh make the enclosure better looking but it is functional as well. As it allows for better air ventrilation. This also benefit you as it allows for the usage of a quicker fan. And during the testing we heard very little from the fan which is great. The last Eagletech model we tested was a little on the noisy side.

Performance of the enclosure is right on par with anything else that uses the USB 2.0 connection. Just like the flash drives for storage the enclosure offers the same speed but larger storage capacity. But now that USB 3.0 is at our doorstep we are looking for more from Eagletech.

The ET-CSMDSU2-BK can be had for a mere $50. Nothing to bad for an enclosure of this type.

At a higher price point I would have like to see Raid in the enclosure and not through the use of software. This way you would have better security as the reduncy of Raid would allow the mirroring of the two hard drives inside.

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