ECS LIVA Z2 Mini PC Review

Memory Upgrade

We’ll test the system with upgraded memory next, see if it makes any changes. Our friends over at Patriot set us up with two 4GB DDR4-2400 modules from their signature line to use for this section of the review.

The modules themselves are your typical DDR SODIMM with each carrying 4GB of memory rated at 2400MHz at CAS-17 timings. A matched pair should let us run dual-channel.

Popping the old module out is quite easy, releasing the locking tabs on either side lets it pop up, and you simply pull it out of the socket.

The new modules install in reverse, just slide them into the socket and then tilt them down until they lock.

Firing up AIDA64, we get a bit of a surprise. While our overall bandwidth goes up a bit, we see that the system is still running in single-channel mode. We dig into the BIOS and settings but we couldn’t find anything to change. We tried moving modules around, even mixing our Patriot memory with the OEM memory, it always runs single channel.

We run Cinebench again and get the exact same score, so it appears we really didn’t gain anything other than 4GB more memory.

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