Eksa E900 Gaming Headset Review


The E900 is one of Eksa’s PC gaming headsets. Coming in at around $45, this headset is definitely where price and quality meet.


First Impressions

Upon arrival, like the other Eksa headsets I received, the packaging was pretty badly damaged, but luckily the product inside was ok.


This headset comes with the Eksa leather-look branded bag for storage and travel which is a nice touch. The cushions on the earphones are especially soft, and the piece that goes over your head is also cushioned. All the cushioning makes these headphones seem comfortable to wear long term. The cable is not braided, but has a smooth silicone-feel casing that seems pretty durable. 

The cable also has an attached Velcro “cable wrangler” so you never have to use an elastic to wrap up your cord and you won’t lose the thing. The length of the cable wrangler is perfect for creating a tight coil with the cable. If you’re like me and can’t sit still during a conference call, the cable wrangler is also quite durable if you fiddle with it constantly.

Out of the box, the microphone is not connected to the headset; it’s removable, which is a neat feature. The mic comes with a foam bulb for the end, to help keep your audio coming through clearly. The mic is made of a smooth to the touch metal that allows it to bend and flex (to a point) in any direction. The headset connects with a single audio/mic jack, but comes with a splitter for set ups that require two separate inputs.


Sound and Function

One of the top features of this headset is the sound quality, both audio and voice. I would not call these headphones noise cancelling, but they still manage to provide an immersive sound that’s full and bass-y. These worked from the second I plugged them in; I had no connection issues at all. I really like playing games with 360 sound on this headset,  it really makes all the game sounds really clear and really, well…real!

I enjoy the option of the removable mic. I prefer not having it in my face while I play without voice. It also seems like it will last longer, given that it’s a separate piece, rather than an attached mic that I would have to bend out of the way. The mic is bendable, but lined with a metal that looks and feels durable. This headset also works great for voice calling. It’s great to be able to adjust the distance between the mic and your mouth to get that clarity just right.

The only point lost by the E900 is that the switch to mute/unmute audio that’s situated along the cord doesn’t seem to work, even after quite a bit of testing. The volume control on this module works just fine. The faulty mic switch seems to be an issue for Eksa as I also found this for the E800 headset model. 

One word I have repeated in my review notes over and over is “comfy”. I really like the way that this headset feels to wear. There’s no “ear fatigue” (i.e. when your ears get sore from wearing headphones too long) even after literally hours of wear. The cushion on the headband is nice and thick to help keep it comfy on the top of your head too.

These headphones are definitely built for a range of head sizes, and when you adjust the size up or down, it’s quite sturdy and stays in place.

Overall Opinion

IRL this is my new favorite headset for both my professional and gaming needs. I have used this headset almost every single day and it has shown no sign of giving out. Believe me when I tell you I am a compulsive cord twirler.

My top two favorite features are the cushion on the headset and the removable mic. Not a lot of the games I play need audio input, but I definitely need clear and reliable sound input for Zoom meetings.

I am also a sucker for a nice brand sticker, and Eksa really delivers there, with a cool purple rubber sticker that doubles as a little coaster (a permanent one if you stick it to your desk). Overall, I give these a 9/10; unfortunately they lose a point for the mic switch because it would be nice if all the features worked. Despite this hiccup, I have definitely enjoyed the E900.

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