Eksa E900 Gaming Headset Review


The E900 is one of Eksa’s PC gaming headsets. Coming in at around $45, this headset is definitely where price and quality meet.


First Impressions

Upon arrival, like the other Eksa headsets I received, the packaging was pretty badly damaged, but luckily the product inside was ok.


This headset comes with the Eksa leather-look branded bag for storage and travel, which is a nice touch. The cushions on the earphones are especially soft, and the piece that goes over your head is also cushioned. All the cushioning makes these headphones seem comfortable to wear long term. The cable is not braided but has a smooth silicone-feel casing that seems pretty durable. 

The cable also has an attached Velcro “cable wrangler,” so you never have to use an elastic to wrap up your cord, and you won’t lose the thing. The length of the cable wrangler is perfect for creating a tight coil with the cable. If you’re like me and can’t sit still during a conference call, the cable wrangler is also quite durable if you constantly fiddle with it.

Out of the box, the microphone is not connected to the headset; it’s removable, which is a neat feature. The mic comes with a foam bulb for the end to help keep your audio coming through clearly. The mic is made of a smooth-to-the-touch metal that allows it to bend and flex (to a point) in any direction. The headset connects with a single audio/mic jack but comes with a splitter for setups that require two separate inputs.

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