eMeet Luna Wireless Speakerphone Review

Introducing the eMeet Luna Wireless Speakerphone

In a world where everyone suddenly had to work from home, we highly value any tech that we could find for our house to make conference calls easier. Recently we got the eMeet Luna wireless speakerphone built for conference calls, and we can’t say enough good things about it. This one little speaker makes calls with multiple people a breeze and makes hearing every detail during conference calls great. 

Our Take on the eMeet Luna Wireless Speakerphone: Two-Thumbs Up!

The Luna speaker isn’t very big, but it makes up for in-call quality for what it lacks in size. On many different work calls, I was able to hear each member clearly and easily. When my family got on a call together, we were able to sit around the table together and talk. It was so nice not to have to play hot-potato with the laptop so everyone could hear. Being able to have each member of our family talk to others on video chat and not have frustrating experiences made our holiday season so enjoyable and so much fun. 

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