eMeet Luna Wireless Speakerphone Review

eMeet Luna Wireless Speakerphone: What’s in the Box?

  • eMeet Luna speaker 
  • Wireless dongle
  • USB-C cable
  • AUX cable
  • Instruction manual

There are 7 buttons for controlling the speaker on the device. AI noise reduction, answer/end call, volume up, volume down, mute/unmute, on/off power button, and the Bluetooth button. Each button has a soft, easy feel and clicks a slight feedback noise to let you know you’ve pushed the button correctly. We tested the Luna speakerphone on Mac and PC devices, and it worked well with both systems. 

The speakerphone is covered in tiny holes that allow sound to flow easily out of the device. Near the top of the device, there are five LED lights hidden in a line amongst the holes that cover the device’s surface. These are status indicators that let you know from a glance what’s going on with the speakerphone. The device will turn red when you’re muted. It also flashes green when there’s an incoming call, changes to cyan when adjusting the volume, flashes red for low battery warning, turns solid green for  USB connection, turns a yellow-green for audio in connection, and turns solid cyan for audio-out connection. 

The device is easy to turn on and off, and it connects via Bluetooth very well on desktops and cellphones that we tested. It’s a fairly standard plug-and-play experience that worked well out of the box. 

Besides being easy to use, the device is also really attractive. It’s got a matte metal finish that is slick and cool to the touch. It looks great next to any laptop or desktop. The lights are just bright enough to show you the notifications but not so bright as to be distracting.

You can use this speakerphone on its own for one table of participants. You could also daisy-chain several Luna eMeet speakers together for a table of 12 participants. This is a great, affordable option for large teams that need to have several stakeholders together and also video call in more participants. 

Because you can use this device with the AUX cable, you can also plug in your phone and use it to facilitate calls with multiple participants. This reduces the instances where you would need to huddle around one person’s cell phone to call a client or a coworker. 

The Luna speakerphone has three microphones built in to make talking to people in other spaces easily. There’s also the built-in noise deduction that helps edit out noise from overhead fans and HVAC units. This means clearer calls for you and your teammates in other locations chatting with you through the speakerphone. Better call quality all around is a huge bonus in our book when we’re looking for work-from-home tech!

The speaker works up to 80db, making it no problem to hear the audio quality clearly across a large room. Likewise, the proprietary VoiceAI software means that no matter where in the room you’re speaking, the Luna speakerphone will pick you up. There are three microphones within the speaker, so the coverage of this device is exceptional. It can pick up even faint speaking across a moderately sized room.

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