Enermax LIQTECH II 360 All-in-One 360mm Liquid Cooler Review


Not long ago in the PC world, A “high end” gaming system had a quad-core CPU at its heart. Something in the 90W TDP range that might pull 150W when heavily overclocked. Fast-forward to today and a high-end CPU can easily hit 200W+ at stock and soar into the 300, 400 or even 500-watt range at full load while overclocked. There are some decent air coolers out there, but most performance-oriented users turn towards liquid cooling, and for good reason. Enermax has jumped right into the high-end All-in-One market with its massive new Liqtech II 360. That’s right, a full 360mm of glorious RGB enabled liquid cooling, available in the always classic black or a crisp and clean white. With a claimed 500W+ TDP handling, the Liqtech II 360 should be ready for every enthusiast’s dream system!

Pro Clockers would like to thank Enermax for sending the LIQTECH II 360 Liquid cooler over to check out!

Enermax’s take on the LIQTECH II 360 Cooler:

LIQTECH II, a universal Intel, and AMD CPU cooler series is engineered for high-end desktop processors. With an extremely high cooling capacity of TDP 500+ watts, the advanced AIO water cooler can deliver superior, reliable cooling performance, even in extreme overclocking conditions. Furthermore, certified by main motherboard makers (ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI), LIQTECH II supports the addressable RGB lighting synchronization with advanced motherboards featuring addressable RGB headers (pin assignment: 5V/D/-/G) to create stunning lighting effects. LIQTECH II is undoubtedly a perfect AIO cooling solution for overclocked systems, image editing workstations, and high-end gaming machines.

*Universal Socket Compatibility: Intel® sockets LGA2011/2011-3/2066/1366/115X; AMD® sockets (except sTR4)

  • Universal Intel/ AMD socket compatibility
  • Support 500W+ TDP
  • Aurabelt™ water block featuring addressable RGB lighting
  • Powerful EF1 pump design with flow rate up to 450 L/h
  • Patented Shunt Channel Technology

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