Enermax Platimax 850 Watt Power Supply

Enermax PlatimaxJust a couple of weeks ago we took at one of the best and largest power supplies we have seen here at Pro-Clockers. It was from Enermax and boasted 1350 watts of pure power and was called the MaxRevo. That particular unit was aimed at the end user needing tremendous amounts of stable power. But Enermax is at it again yet with another power supply that is a little more refined than the MaxRevo, but sporting quite a bit less power. The Platimax is based on the highly efficient 80PLUS Platinum rating which requires the power supplies to maintain 90% efficiency at 20% load, 92% @ 50% load and 89% @ 100% load.

Closer look

First off, we need to get some details out of the way that cannot be stated obviously just by looking at the unit. We stated in the introduction that it has a Platinum efficiency rating which is the highest at the present. But Enermax is more than about meeting standards by going beyond them. The Platimax has four members in the family which would not only be the 850W model we are testing today but a 750W, 1050W and a massive 1200W unit. All of which supports multiple-GPU setups with the aid of atleast four PCIe connections.

Adding needed under- and over-load protections to a power supply is nothing new but in the class of the Platimax series Enermax implemented SSI precautious to unit to make them also suitable of servers and workstations. 

Visually, we look what we see from the Platimax as it sports a very nice and stylish textured shell just like what we saw from the MaxRevo. It seems as Enermax wanted to take a new approach to your PSU offering and this approach is a winner. No fingerprints are left behind after manhandling it nor is it easily scratched.

To cool the Platimax an Enermax Twister fan is used. The fan measures 14cm and blows over the entirety of the power supply’s internals. The fan is also controlled via a PWM module and features HeatGuard which will allow the power supply’s fan to continue to run several second after the system has been shut down, usually about 30 to 60 seconds afterwards.

Honeycomb openings are what allow the heat produced by the unit to escape out of the rear. He Platimax is also ready to be used anywhere in the world as it supports 100- 240VAC.

The Platimax uses a series of red and black sockets for the connectivity of the modular cables. There is a small diagram underneath that will tell you just what leg goes where.

Cable Connections

20/4 Pin ATX

4+4 Pin AUX

4 Pin Molex


6 Pin PCIe

6+2 Pin PCIe



Enermax Platimax 850W









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