Enermax Platimax 850 Watt Power Supply

Enermax PlatimaxJust a couple of weeks ago we took at one of the best and largest power supplies we have seen here at Pro-Clockers. It was from Enermax and boasted 1350 watts of pure power and was called the MaxRevo. That particular unit was aimed at the end user needing tremendous amounts of stable power. But Enermax is at it again yet with another power supply that is a little more refined than the MaxRevo, but sporting quite a bit less power. The Platimax is based on the highly efficient 80PLUS Platinum rating which requires the power supplies to maintain 90% efficiency at 20% load, 92% @ 50% load and 89% @ 100% load.


The Platimax is the first platinum rated power supply we have ever tested and we are happy it is a model from Enermax. For the past few years, we have seen Enermax produce some of the most powerful, highly efficient and most stable power units on the market. And the Platimax definitely does live up to that well deserved reputation. Able to provide the user with above 89% efficiency throughout the load operating range you can’t go wrong as it helps to keep the electricity bill down while providing clean and stable power. And not only that the HeatGuard helps to maintain the life of the unit with its ability to keep the fan running after shutdown to allow the dedicate internal components to cool down properly.

The Enermax Platimax 850W goes for about $225 on most reliable online stores. This makes the unit a little on the expensive side. But one must remember you are paying for a good power supply with a very good efficiency rating.

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