E’nod Mini Ring – True Wireless Headphones Review

Packaging & Unboxing

The packaging for the E’nod Mini Ring has a premium feel to it. If the packaging is any indication of the quality of the earphones themselves, i’m inclined to believe they will be fairly nice. 

Turning the box around reveals a feature and specification list.

On the side of the box, we get some images letting users know these headphones are geared toward the active user. The other side is a checklist of what’s inside the box. 

The cover flap is held in place by a slight magnetic resistance. Opening the flap we see the headphones and charge case on display. The E’nod comes in red as well, our review sample is the gray version. 

Digging deeper into the box we find a user manual, limited warranty protection card, and a tiny little charging cord about 5″ in length. The cord is kinda small in my opinion but shouldn’t matter as you can use just about any micro USB cord for charging.  

The last items found in the box are the multiple size ear pieces for users to get the right fit for their ears. Small, Medium and Lage sizes are included. 

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