E’nod Mini Ring – True Wireless Headphones Review

A Closer Look

Taking a look at the charging case exterior, I note that the design is smooth on the edges and shouldn’t have much of a problem sliding in and out of users pockets. The top cover is a clear plastic which allows users to view the charging status of the case/headphones through the top. An internal battery rated at 500mAh allows users approx 3-4 recharges on the go in the same manner as the Apple Airpods. The case has a solid feel to it and doesn’t come off as cheap. 

The E’nod Mini Ring uses a standard micro USB cord for charging. As this is the current most common port type used, user’s should have no trouble finding a way to charge their device. In this pic, we also get a good look at the side texture of the case which is aluminum and should keep the case from getting crushed in your active bag. The side has a nice metallic sparkle to it. 

The bottom of the case shows some product info. I would have liked to see some form of rubber compound on the bottom to keep the Mini Ring from sliding around if placed on the dash of my vehicle for charging or some similar situation. 

Opening up the top cover reveals the earphone charge ports. We can see four gold cross contact charging points. In the middle of the case we see a small dot, this is the LED charge indicator. The indicator will blink at different intervals to let the user know the current charge status. What can’t be seen is the small magnet on each port which holds the headphones snug in place. This was an unexpected and nice addition to keep the premium feel of the Mini Ring going.  

 Taking a look at the headphones themselves we see the “True Wireless” design, What does that mean? Most wireless headphones will Bluetooth with your device but still have a wire connecting the headphones themselves. True Wireless means absolutely no wires are to be found on the device. We also see the LED indicator/button on the side of the pod which we use to control the device. Below the button, a small microphone port can be seen. The headphones are made of plastic giving them a nice, lightweight in-ear feel. 

  In terms of size, the Mini Ring has a fairly petite design. While in my ears they don’t cause any discomfort from being too heavy. Considering the internal 50mAh battery the weight and size of the Mini Ring is fairly impressive. While in ear the pod doesn’t stick way far out or look out of scale. 

The outside of the headphones has been coated with a “Nano Coating” which gives the Mini Ring an IP4 resistance rating. IP4 in terms of liquid protection is rated to protect against a splash of water in any direction for at least five minutes, or a bunch of sweat from working out. IP4 in terms of particle protection is rated to protect against objects of 1mm or greater from entering the casing. One thing to make clear is the Mini Ring is not a waterproof design, it is resistant. It should always be a general goal to keep your electronics away from liquid at all times. 

Regardless of which size headphone piece you use the headphones fit into the case easily without any spacing issues. The LED indicators on the earpods let you know they are charging. Charging is accomplished through gold contact points on the bottom of the headphone.  The headphones are marked “Left” and “right” with the left one seeming to be the master. For control, they function identically and are the same shape.  The headphones are not picky about which side of the charging case they are on. 


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