E’nod Mini Ring – True Wireless Headphones Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Overall the only hiccups I found with the E’nod Mini Ring were a slightly scratchy noise reported by callers while speaking, and that its name doesn’t make any sense. I can’t definitively blame the Mini Ring for the scratchy noise, there are many factors’s that could have produced that noise, though looking over user reviews it seems the call quality is the only thing that users have found to be inconsistent with the Mini Ring. As a music/activity headphone, I found the Mini Ring to be a solid design with good sound quality, I liked the size, weight and overall execution of the device. The quality and materials did not make me question the price tag. The only thing keeping the E’nod Mini Ring from a recommended rating at this time is the inconsistent call quality across users. If I am able to single out the cause of my call quality issue in the future and rule it is not the Mini Ring at fault, the device will receive a recommended rating. 



PROS                                                                                                         CONS 

-Good Sound Quality                                                                                -Inconsistent Call Quality 

-Well Made 

-Easy Pairing

-IP4 Rating

-True Wireless Bluetooth 4.2

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