EVGA GeForce GTX 1080Ti SC2 GAMING 11GB GDDR5X, ICX Review (11G-P4-6593-KR)

A Closer Look

EVGA went with an aluminum cowling with a lot of open space for air to flow through and for an investment in the $700+ range, we find metal appropriate and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

EVGA puts their name and the model of your card right on top where it can be seen through case windows and they made it RGB. There are also 3 GPU / Memory / PWM Thermal Status Indicator LEDs right on top so at a glance you can see the operating temperatures of your video card without having to drop back to EVGA PrecisionX to check.

Under that metal cowling, EVGA tucked away their 9 sensor ICX technology and designed such an effective cooler that they can keep the SC2 down to a double slot design while a lot of competitors went with 2 1/2 slot designs instead of engineering a more effective cooler.

We’ve had hands on one of the EVGA GTX 1080Ti FTW3 models with it’s 10 + 2 phase power and dual BIOS and they are a beastly card with three fans but having run the SC2 1080Ti the performance is very similar so unless you are planning on going extreme OCing the SC2 should serve you just as well as the FTW3. We haven’t noticed any difference overclocking with the GTX 1080TI SC2 and it’s 7 + 2 phase power setup but we suspect the 10 + 2 on the FTW3 would be helpful to BIOS modders and LN2 runs.

We spent copious time with the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 GAMING 11GB GDDR5X ICX and no matter what angle we used the card never failed to impress. Solid construction, ICX technology, metal cowling, dual Sli capable and gives you that “I’ve got elite hardware” feeling.

The back of the SC2 consists of a two-piece backplate to prevent card sag and has plenty of ventilation holes.

Connectivity wise you are looking at 3 DP, 1 HDMI, and a DVI-D so unless your monitor is really old you should be covered for connectivity and multi-monitor use.

We always like to get a shot of the fins from the bottom or top of a video card and as you can see the vanes on the fins show that they are all perfectly aligned with no dings or bends which is a good indicator of quality manufacturing and handling.

Looking into the card from the end even the vanes have holes strategically placed to increase cooling.

The 10 + 2 phase models we’ve seen have an 2 – 8-pin connector but the 7 + 2 phase on the SC2 only needs an 8 and 6-pin power connector.

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