EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GM SFX 650W Power Supply

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

EVGA’s legacy of bulletproof SuperNOVA power supplies has been shrunk down to something almost small enough to put in your pocket. 650W is enough for even the most powerful SFX system, even if you overclock, and you have the 80+ Gold rating so you aren’t wasting much wattage on heat inside an already tiny build. You can even use the 650GM in a full-sized ATX system and EVGA includes an adapter plate for this purpose. I wasn’t personally a big fan of the cables included with the unit. Each end of the cable is zip-tied, quite tightly and then has heat shrink over it. This makes the ends of the cable incredibly stiff and hard to maneuver in tight spaces and this can be important in very cramped builds. If you are the kind that ends up with custom cables, don’t worry about it but you may be better served just cutting the heat shrink and zip ties off. Outside of that, we loved everything else, especially the tight voltage regulation on the all-important 12V rail.

Great job EVGA!

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