EWin Hero Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair Review

Packaging & Unboxing

Time for everyone’s favorite part…unboxing!

And what a box this comes in. We’re pretty sure the delivery driver was looking for a loading dock to unload it on. Here is a look at the very large and very heavy box, good things come in big packages right?

The box is fairly minimalistic in design which leaves what it contains to the imagination. Here is a look at the sides of the box, nothing too exciting here just the E-WIN logo on one side and some shipping information and our first sneak peek at the chair on the other side.

Now it’s time to cut into this beauty. We did this very gently with a box cutter on its lowest opening with the blade only open a quarter inch or so. This is standard Pro-Clockers procedure so we don’t risk damaging anything inside that might not have the most protection. This time, however, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the top of the box was very well protected with a thick layer of cardboard. Take a look for yourself.

Pulling off the top chunk of cardboard we find the first piece of the Hero, which ironically is the base piece which is wrapped tightly in bubble wrap.

Taking that out we get out first look at the body of the Hero. This is the back piece, it is protected in thick, clear plastic. You can also see the armrests peaking up, we will get to those in a minute.

After we lift out the back piece we get to the main seat of the Hero and also a nondescript box that I am guessing contains the hardware and smaller parts.

Once we pull these two out the box is empty. This is a pleasant surprise since most of the other chairs we have gotten in have had more individual parts to assemble. I definitely like that the armrests are already attached to the Hero’s seat.

Here is a shot of all the now freed parts. They are all still in their protective packaging, don’t worry we will take care of that in a minute!

Now, let’s rip off all that pesky (but very nicely wrapped) plastic and get down to business. Here is what the base looks like with the bubble wrap removed. We may or may not have spent a few minutes popping the crap out of that stuff…shhh. Anyway, as you can see the base is made out of a heavy-duty metal that should give the Hero quite the solid footing.

Moving on up we unwrapped the seat/armrest. The red on black stitching really catches the eye and gives the chair a premium and hand-crafted feel to it.

Before moving on let’s flip the seat over and take a look at the bottom. Here we see some mounting holes for the lift bracket and the heavy-duty banding that gives the seat its strength and flexibility.

Okay, enough of the seat, don’t worry you will get to see it more when we put everything together. Moving on we take a look at the back piece. This is where the red on black pattern really jumps out at you. Another interesting feature is that the back comes with the pillows already attached to it. This is really nice and continues to show how hard E-WIN tried to make the Hero easy to assemble. This is a nice touch since sometimes these high-end chairs can seem a bit daunting to assemble.

Moving on from the seat we unwrapped the back of the Hero and get to feast our eyes on even more of the red-on-black goodness we saw on the seat. This back piece is really gorgeous and is also extremely soft and comfortable feeling. The only minor complaint we have is with both pillows attached the E-WIN branding is a little excessive but not enough to take away from the overall aesthetics of the Hero. Looking at the pillows it appears they both ride on the same strap which makes removal a snap since you can just undo the buckles and take them both on and off at once. The only downside to this system is it might take a little more time to take one or the other off if you prefer to just have one or the other on your chair.

Flipping over the back piece we get a good look at the single set of straps I was just talking about.

Now that we have unwrapped and gotten a good look at the major components of the chair, let’s turn our attention to that small box we saw earlier. Here is a shot of its contents which took us a few minutes to get all unpacked. E-WIN sure knows how to pack parts into a box!

From top to bottom we see:

  • The instruction manual, or pamphlet more accurately, more on that shortly.
  • 5 casters for the base of the Hero.
  • The mounting platform for connecting the seat to the base.
  • The hydraulic lift cylinder and its protective sleeve.
  • Hinge covers and associated hardware including Allen wrenches for assembly.
  • And last and possibly least….a pair of white gloves that are far to small for any of our hands. We aren’t sure what these are for since we have never seen gloves included with any other gaming chair; one can guess they might be to aid in keeping finger oils off the chair during assembly.

Before we jump into the assembly phase lets take a closer look at the instruction manual. It appears to be only a bi-fold pamphlet. Here is a look at the front, back, and center foldout.


So I don’t know about you guys…but where I come from this is not much of an instruction manual. As the pictures show the manual does include a quick step by step guide to assembly but for the first-time assembler I can see this assembly still being overwhelming and maybe even confusing despite the relatively pre-assembled pieces. So far I can honestly say the limited instructions are really my only complaint with the Hero but thankfully for you and anyone else reading this review I am going to show you exactly how to assemble the Hero in the next section.

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