EWin Hero Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair Review


Now that we have unboxed and taken a good look at each part its time to assemble the Hero. I will say at this point that the assembly seems much less daunting than a lot of other chairs I have put together. I really think this is because the arm-rests and hinges come fairly pre-assembled and attached to the seat.

We will start by joining the two largest pieces of the Hero, you guessed it the seat and the back. To begin we have to take out the two screws located at the bottom of the back piece on either side. There are two on each side for a total of four.

Use the larger of the two Allen wrenches included to unscrew both of these all the way.

There are two more screws on the other side for the other hinge so remove them also.

Next, fold the hinges attached to the seat of the Hero up and into the position they will be with the back straight up and down. The one hinge moves freely but the other controls the reclining motion which is spring loaded so you may need to release the lever on the right side of the seat and force the hinge back.

Now that you have both pieces prepped its time to put the back-piece onto the seat. You may want to have someone help you do this since another pair of hands definitely will be a help in keeping the two pieces lined up. Speaking of lining things up, try to get at least one of the two holes lined up sort of like this.

As you can see not even we were able to get the holes lined up perfectly but you just want it good enough you can wiggle a screw in and get it started. We did find that getting the screws started was a little more difficult than usual on the hero. It seemed there was a lot of material in the way of the holes, we were able to manage though.

Get the screws tightened down on both sides so they look like this.

Now the hero should look like this. Doesn’t the red on black look even better now?

We are almost done with the hinge area, we just need to screw on the two hinge covers. These, along with their screws and covers are in the collection of parts that were in the smaller box we unwrapped earlier. Heres the covers you are looking for, notice they are different and only will fit on the side they are intended for.

Screw them down using the smaller Allen wrench.

And place the covers over the screw holes on both sides.

Now we are done with the hinge assembly! You should be able to easily recline the seat and adjust the arm-rests.

Moving on let’s get the chair mount assembled. Flip the Hero over so you can see the green banding on the bottom of the seat.

Remove the four Allen wrench screws on the bottom middle and back and you will see the holes line up perfectly with the base mount. Also, notice the “FRONT” since right now the front is up, position it as we did here.

Now screw it in with the four screws, they are all the same so you don’t have to worry about mixing them up like on some chairs. We do live interchangeable parts E-WIN!

That’s it for the assembly of the main body! Now we are in the home stretch we just have to put together the base. This base looks to go together the exact same as any other gaming chair.

First, put the 5 casters into their respective holes on the base. Make sure they snap down.


Now put the gas cylinder in the center hole. It slips down very tightly so it looks like E-WIN saved us the trouble of needing to fasten it down or screw it in like some manufacturers. It will now look like this.

Lastly, put the plastic shroud over the cylinder. If you remembered to put it on without us having to tell you then you get bonus points. I wish I had a dollar for everytime I have seen someone assemble a chair and then look around to see where that piece should be going after they are all done.

The last step is to lift the Hero’s body onto the now-assembled base. This is another step I recommend a friend’s help with because the person lifting the chair will not be able to see the inch wide hole they need to fit the base into. Alternatively, you can flip the chair over on its back and slip the base in yourself before tipping the completed Hero upright.

Either way, your E-WIN Hero is now completed and you are ready to roll….or spin…or both!


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