EWin Hero Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We tested the Hero extensively for several weeks after we completed the build. It has held up very well with no signs of wear or reduced performance. Even after almost a month of testing, we have not been able to find any issues at all other than the ones previously mentioned during assembly. The lumbar and head pillows are very ergonomic and supportive and ease my back pain significantly especially while leaning back and relaxing such as while watching TV or a game stream. One other very nice thing I found is that the chair can be leaned at least a few degrees further forward than most chairs can. Of course, everyone’s preference differs but I really like to lean my seat forward all the way when playing tensely competitive games as it keeps me more alert. The Hero helps me do this even better than any other chair I have used.

We really are impressed with the Hero over here at Pro-Clockers. It doesn’t break too much new ground in gaming chair design and technology, instead, it sticks with the tried and true features and provides a rock-solid choice for gamers looking for a mid-high end chair. Priced at a little over three bills it is definitely worth the money and will surely serve us, and you for many years to come.

Good job E-WIN!


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