FENDA Paragon HW620 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

A Closer Look

All the controls and connectors are on the right side of the headset.

Out of the box, the HW620 contained a 70% charge, however required a top up before using. The headset took three hours and fifty-eight minutes to charge and ran for over 6 hours continuously. F&D obviously engineered the headset with a very well performing battery solution. We charged the headset using a premium fast charger: Input Voltage: 110-240V AC | Output Voltage: 5V DC | Maximum Output Current: 1.80A.

The power, mini USB and Aux are on the rear.

The F&D Paragon HW620 Is very easy to pair with a Bluetooth device. Just press and hold the power button to begin. When paired to a cell phone or other media device, it puts the controls a touch away. While listening to music you push the up and down buttons for the volume. These buttons also double as next or previous track changes by a simple double tap. One press of the power button will answer or disconnect from your cell phone as well as start playing your music. This is very handy when your device is not readily accessible, or you need your hands free. Another important feature is the addition of a microphone located on the bottom of the right earpiece. The location enables a clear reproduction of your voice during calls and minimizes distortion.

The Volume, Next track and mic are on the front.

Initially I found the wireless range to be about 6m(19.68ft) without any distortion or interference. I eliminated any dead zones by conducting the experiment outdoors. As Bluetooth is Omni-directional, the charge of both devices could have been a factor, therefore I changed to an iPad mini as opposed to my iPhone 6 and found the range almost the same.

The charging indicator illuminates red while charging and blue when fully charged. There’s a blue LED on each side of the headset which provides a nice accent while in use.

Included in the packaging is a five-page reversible instruction booklet. The illustrations are clearly defined and the fonts they use are decent size, so you don’t require magnification, as so many others do. It also contains specific precautions and warnings for safe use.

The PARAGON HW620 Bluetooth Headphone with charging cable plugged in.

The black glossy exterior of the headphones is very stylish and clean. The left and right headsets are indicated in a noticeable but subdued way on the inside silver band. They were relatively comfortable to wear although I found they had to be adjusted a few times to get the right fit, as opposed to over the ear headsets which position themselves quicker. The padding was light and comfortable, and can be worn for hours with minimal distraction. The 0.3kg weight allowed the headset to rest comfortably on the head without presenting too much pressure to readjust the fit.

The left side of the headset houses a speaker only.

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