FENDA Paragon HW620 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Anyone who has purchased multiple headsets will acknowledge that they all have their own look, feel and personality. If they perform well, then they become your latest best friend. This headset is designed to transmit Bluetooth up to 10m(32.80ft). Although I was unable to achieve the full 10m, I was still very satisfied with 6m (19.68 ft.) as a user is normally within this range when utilizing a Bluetooth device.

I liked the fold away ability of the headset. Initially I didn’t notice the hinges on the inside. When I was exploring the storage abilities, the Paragon HW620 started to shine. Whether in a purse, backpack or laptop bag, the headphones quickly disappear as if they were a natural part of those items.

The Paragon HW620 ran extremely well on a charge. At one point I began wondering when it was going to quit, and was surprised at its longevity. This will allow the user to finish watching their movie, listening to their favorite album or catch the end of the playoffs when it matters most. I actually tried to mirror real life usage and alternated between Bluetooth and connecting my laptop. After a marathon of Netflix, music and videos, I reached 30 continuous hours and the battery was still going strong! Reliability and dependability are two of the most important challenges for wireless technology and the Paragon HW620 exceeded my expectations. With this headset you can spend more time enjoying technology and less time charging. I would have liked to see a power charge indicator, to know when an impending charge would be due.

The suggested retail price is an affordable $69.99 USD, but can be found for a bargain $27USD plus shipping at time of writing on Amazon.com.


  • Battery life
  • Compact storage
  • Clean stylish look


  • Shorter range 


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