Fnatic Rush G1 Mechanical Keyboard Review


It seems these days, everyone owns a mechanical keyboard. More often than not, when asked the brand, the reply is usually one of the larger companies. Companies such as Corsair and Logitech. However, they aren’t the only companies making mechanical keyboards. Fnatic, best known as an E-Sports team, now has their own mechanical keyboard. But can they compete with some of the bigger names in the industry? Will they be another name in a crowd of companies making mechanical keyboards? Or will they dominate like in the E-Sports arena? We at Proclockers would like to thank the people at Fnatic for the opportunity to review their keyboard. Let’s see how it holds up to the competition.

About Fnatic

Fnatic is a leading organization in the E-Sports industry. Founded by Sam and Anne Mathews, their home office is in the heart of London. However, they also have offices in Belgrade and Siberia. They also have a professional gaming house in Cologne, Germany. Their players attend over 75 international events every year. Some of these events include Dota 2, League of Legends (LOL), Battlefield 4 and many more. The Fnatic team was awarded Team of the Year in both 2006 and 2009. They’ve achieved great success and have won multiple world championships across many different games. Their YouTube channel is a favorite among E-Sports fans. With over 100, 000 subscribers they provide game highlights and video interviews.  With over 2 million followers on all forms of social media, Fnatic is without a doubt, one of the largest E-Sports franchises.

About the Rush G1

“Made with the solely purpose to give the E-sports gamer a keen edge over its opponents, the Fnatic Gear RUSH has been designed with a performance driven components and interesting features. It doesn’t just perform the commands from your keystrokes, the RUSH mechanical keyboard keeps you on your toes thanks to the rapid and responsive mechanical switches geared towards all styles of game play. Ready to be plugged in and put to use straight out of the box or can be customized in a variety of ways to fit your unique game style through the accompanying software. The RUSH brings forth a perfect balance of performance, quality and customization options.”


The Rush G1 comes with many of the features one would expect with a mechanical gaming keyboard. It comes in a variety of Cherry MX switches. My sample came with Cherry MX Reds, the preference of many gamers. The Rush G1 is also backlit and customizable. Along with being able to adjust the levels of brightness, there’s also a pulsate mode. One of the best features is the N Key Roll Over. This means you can press any number of buttons at once without affecting the hardware. You are able to assign up to 10 different keys with macros. Each macro can be recorded with up to 24 keystrokes. The onboard memory allows for 5 profiles on each of the 10 macros. The “Fnatic Gear Mode” enables the use of macros and disables the Windows key to prevent the start menu from randomly popping up in game. There are 2 USB 2.0 pass through ports. On any keyboard, this is always a welcome addition.  Probably my favorite feature is the optional, but highly recommended wrist rest.

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