For Honor PC Game Review

Setting & Plot

Map where each mission is selected, missions can be replayed on higher difficulty to unlock cosmetic items.

Taking place in the lands of Ashfeld, Valkanheim, and the Myre the plot of For Honor actually works as a prequel to the multiplayer game mode. Apollyon the warlord of the Blackstone Legion believes that peace has made humanity complacent and seeks to free the true warrior that lays dormant. Each act covers one of the three factions in chronological order, starting with the unnamed Warden of the Legion for act one. Ragnar the Raider of the Warborn for act two and The Emperor’s Champion an Orochi of the Chosen faction in act three.

The heroes of the Blackstone Legion become disillusioned with her rule after seeing the suffering of their people. The heroes of the Warborn try to unite their clans rather than fighting over the few supplies left in their territory by the Legion. The heroes of the Chosen seek revenge on Legion for the chaos they have caused. Each character has motivation for what they do whether it’s keeping an oath, preventing the suffering of their people or seeking justice for wrongs.

The problem here is that the multiplayer spoils the story, Apollyon is seeking endless war and the current events are endless war. Then she achieved her goal, this is a situation where a villain wins in the end. While the plot explores the ideas of loyalty and duty, it is far too short to properly develop any characters. The goal of the single-player is to set up the multiplayer, which it does but to the detriment of the potential the story may have had.

The maps for the campaign are large and varied whether it’s the villages and holds of Valkanheim with grand views of the mountains, or twisting swamps of the mire with tree forts and holds that have become overgrown with vines. Unfortunately, there is no large open world, but rather a series of mission maps connected via the overworld.

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