For Honor PC Game Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

This game is a bit of a tough sell, the primary focus is multiplayer. If the community dies there is no game left. Also despite Ubisoft promising not to split the community with DLC there are no details on pricing of individual items, as the game stands now you start with the Vanguard heroes unlocked and the other heroes are five hundred steel each, which can be gained in minimal playtime. The microtransactions in a full retail game are also a discouraging sign as its too easy to add a hellacious grind to encourage purchasing unlocks. The key moving forward is proper game balance, between the microtransactions and the gear upgrades anything beyond a light touch could throw the game well out of balance. For Honor is currently available via Steam, Amazon or the UPlay store, the base game is $59.99, the deluxe edition is $69.99 and the gold edition is $99.99, the season pass can also be purchased for $39.99. At the end of the day, the recommendation is to try it, wait for a price drop or see if the community is still going down the line. While it’s not a bad game there are too many questionable things going on to recommend the game at launch.


  • Combat system allows for depth and strategy
  • Each hero is unique and interesting
  • A lot of variety in gameplay among the different game modes and maps
  • Well done menu with transparency for how each setting will impact your system


  • Peer to peer connection introduces performance issues for players with bad internet connections
  • Sound design was a missed opportunity to set up a more epic campaign
  • The campaign feels rushed, solely existing to serve the multiplayer
  • In-game currency can be purchased which could unbalance the economy based on how the game is balanced in the future

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