Fractal Design Define C Case Review


System Builders often face a tough choice: Lots of flexibility from a huge case, or small size with a very limited feature set. What if you can’t dump half your salary into a build right out of the gate, but want to upgrade down the road like add a 2nd GPU and eventually water cool? Well you could get a big case, and leave most of it unused, but hey, at least you have options later on right? Probably not the best idea and will probably not look all that great, but if you go with a more compact case, maybe you won’t have anywhere to put a radiator later on.

Seeing the above dilemma, Fractal Design’s Swedish engineers have stuffed a huge list of features into a chassis occupying a measly 1.3 cubic feet of space on your desk. Sound dampened panels for a quiet build? Check. Integrated Power supply cover? Check. Elegant brushed metallic finish? Yes. Filtered fan intakes? Yes. Smooth top panel? Yup. Radiator mounting locations? Several. Windowed side panel? If you wish. Looks like the Define C has about anything anyone could really want, plus some things you didn’t even know you needed.

Today we have the Fractal Design Define C – Window on hand, courtesy of our friends over at Fractal Design to check out and see why this might be your next case. Thanks Fractal for sending this over to us to check out!

Fractal’s Take on the Define C

So many cases on the market today are made to be all things to all people. However, for many this results in a chassis full of empty bays, unused mounts and excess bulk. Created for those who demand a flexible platform for a powerful ATX build that wastes no space, the Define C is the perfect solution to satisfy this balance of capacity and efficiency.

Smaller than the usual ATX case, the Define C and its optimized interior provides the perfect base for users. The open air design offers unobstructed airflow across your core components with high performance and silent computing in mind at every step.

Extensive cooling support via both air and water are offered to make sure even the most powerful systems can be cooled effectively. Carrying signature Define series traits, the Define C brings with it that iconic front panel design, dense sound dampening material throughout and ModuVent technology in the top panel. Those wanting to remove the ModuVent to add more fans or a radiator can install in its place the new magnetic dust filter and a built in power supply shroud helps offer an unmatched level of cable management.

Our team of engineers in Sweden made sure performance without restrictions was paramount. With innovative design, the Define C brings your system together in a truly exquisite way, reminding us why we choose Fractal Design.


About Fractal Design

Fractal Design was founded in 2007by Hannes Wallin in Gothenburg Sweden where its headquarters remain today. All of its products are designed and engineered in Sweden with true Scandinavian style and efficiency. Scandinavian designs are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality that all can afford, and this is embodied with the silent and sleek enclosures of the signature DEFINE series of cases.  With only a few dozen employees, Fractal Design has grown into a well-known worldwide hardware manufacturer of computer cases, power supplies, fans and water coolers and has offices in North America and Asia.

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