Fractal NODE 804 Chassis Review


When it comes to picking out a new PC chassis there are literally so many companies and styles that it can be a very hard choice to make sometimes. A lot of time it depends on the amount of hardware you are using as well as the size of some of that hardware. It depends on how large your budget is and whether you will be installing a liquid cooling system because some cases were just not designed with liquid cooling in mind. If you are looking for a mATX chassis with enough space for water cooling, the NODE 840 from Fractal Design might be the one you are looking for. Let’s check it out as we review it today.

Fractal Design’s Take On The NODE 804

The Node 804 is a micro ATX chassis which focuses on cooling performance and maximum configurability, all packed in an interesting new form factor with Scandinavian elegant design. The dual chamber layout separates hot running components from the cooler ones and allows for unrestricted airflow over the motherboard, processor and graphics card. The case comes with three excellent 120mm fans but can be upgraded with several additional fans if needed. Featuring plenty of options for placing water cooling components, tall heat sinks and hard drives. The flexibility of this case really gives the users the possibility to create their optimal system build.

Key Features

  • Highly effective dual chamber case layout for best possible cooling.
  • Minimalistic design with an elegant brushed aluminum front panel
  • Unique hard drive mounting system, fitting up to 8 x 3.5″, 4 x 2.5” or up to 10 x 3.5”, 2 x 2.5″ drives HDD/SSD
  • Three Fractal Design Silent Series R2 fans included with the case and space for an additional 7 fans.
  • Excellent water cooling support with space for up to 4 radiators simultaneously.
  • All intakes feature removable dust filters providing a dust-free interior.
  • Featuring a window side panel to show off your set up in style.
  • Additional space in the front to mount a slim slot-in ODD, optical bay drive, and 2 x 2.5″ drives.
  • Fan controller included.
  • Five expansion slots that allows for multiple GPU setups.

Here’s a short video about the chassis from Fractal Design.

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