FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU Review

Introducing the FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU

The days of mining Bitcoin and Ethereum were strong a few years back, and even jumped up recently. Not only have the big names made a good footing in the mining world, small private companies have popped up wanting their own stake in the digital currency industry. To maximize the amount of coin miners can get, they use multiple systems, from made-to-mine ASICs to GPUs. Some systems have been known to have 100s or even 1000s of GPUs connected to get the most possible coin. No doubt this comes at a disadvantage, through tremendous power usage. In order to mine efficiently, you’d have to mine more coin than it would cost to run your set up. Knowing this, PSU companies like FSP have built a power supply to be supremely efficient, while being able to power 16 GPUs simultaneously! Unfortunately, here at the shop, we don’t have that many GPUs, but we do have a powerful system that can definitely use some of the 2000 watt juice this monster packs.

FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU Specifications

That’s right, 9 PCI-E outputs in total connecting to an insane 16 GPUs at once. Unfortunately, I didn’t have 16 GPUs laying around. I’m sure if I did I’d be rolling in glorious Digi-coin! You’ll have duel CPU outputs for the ability to power multi-socket motherboards. One of the coolest features about this PSU that you won’t find on others, is how FSP has handled the arrangement of all the power outputs. The peripheral output has changed to FSP proprietary, or “in-house” design. These cables will come with moles and sata on the same cable, along with a floppy-drive output for those that are old school. This unit is streamlined and space saving. The fully modular design offers the ability to connect only what you need to connect.

What’s in the FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU Box?

The Cannon 2000 PSU is a beast with a beefy ATX design. In the box you get the PSU, warranty and manual. In a very hefty bag there are enough cables to power even the most demanding of mining rigs. Let’s break those down here:

It looks like a bit of a mess sure, but thanks to it being modular only the hardcore would need all these cables plugged in.

FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU – Cables

20+4 ATX Power

(2) 4+4 EPS giving the ability to power duel socket motherboards.

(9) 6+2 VGA. That’s right 9 cables! Hope you have some extra GPUs laying around.

(2) Sata/Molex

(2) Sata Power

(1) Sata/Molex w/Floppy

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