FSP HYDRO PTM+ 1200W Liquid-Cooled Power Supply Review

A Closer Look

FSP’s Hydro PTM+ 1200W liquid cooled power supply has a very distinctive fan grill pattern. The entire power supply has a textured paint finish. The Hydro PTM+ logo is painted on one end.

The label is pretty typical, it shows all the electrical specifications.

The other side of the power supply has FSP’s logos.

The rear of the power supply has a standard IEC-C20 power inlet. A mains power switch sits left of it and the Power Never Ends slogan sits under it. The rest of the rear is covered in a honeycomb grill. Interestingly, the standard mounting pattern is mirrored so that the power supply can be mounted either direction even if your case wouldn’t normally support it.

The other end of the power supply looks like most modular power supplies, well, except for the liquid terminal that is.

The bottom of the power supply has what looks like the same fan grill pattern as the air-cooled side, but you can see the water block and even a flow indicator through the grill.

The included lighting controller can light up the block in white, UV LED, or standard RGB. No compromise here, you can do anything you want.

Power cables include four GPU cables that fan out to twin 6+2 connectors for up to 8 PCIe connectors. All for cables are twin connectors that are daisy chained. We would really like to have seen a couple of single connectors only.

The motherboard cables include a 20+4 pin main cable and a pair of CPU cables that are each 4+4 pin.

Peripheral cables include two cables that alternate between two SATA and two 4-pin connectors and two cables that have four SATA connectors each only.

The included cooling system is pretty much a preassembled custom loop from Bitspower. A pump and small reservoir are pre-mounted on and connected to the 120mm radiator, and a fan is mated to the other side.

The pump outlet and radiator inlet are the only two ports exposed for connecting to the PSU. Water cooling enthusiasts may initially be a bit skeptical about the amount of radiator that is partially obstructed by the pump and res, but you have to keep in mind you are not cooling a core component putting out hundreds of watts of heat, only tens of watts worst-case from a highly efficient power supply.

The included Bitspower fan lights up steadily in a cool white. The rotating blades reflect the LED’s and look pretty sweet. There are no RGB capabilities though, and the lighting cant be turned off.

The tubes provide are already connected to compression fittings, one end is static and the other of each section is rotary.

The lighting system is connected to the power supply by one of a few cables depending on what you want to use to control the lighting. You can connect to a motherboard RGB header or the included stand-alone controller.

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