Func KB-460 Mechanical Keyboard Review


Func got their start in California in 1999, making mouse pads. Relatively recently, they branched out to also make peripherals. Their line now includes mice, a headset, and a keyboard. Today, it is their keyboard that we will be looking at, the KB-460. The KB-460 is a well featured keyboard with Cherry MX Blue, Brown or Red switches.

The KB-460 we have features Cherry MX Red switches. The keys have a individual red backlighting. The keyboard is highly customizable, via 5 software controllable profiles with 10 individual key functions per profile. Profiles can be exported and imported as needed. There is also a high quality and stylish braided covering on the cable and a matte black soft touch covering on the casing. An internal USB 2.0 hub round out the feature set. It certainly looks like the Cobalt Pro is designed to game, so let us get on with the testing.

Func’s take on the KB-460

It doesn’t just perform the commands from your keystrokes, the KB-460 mechanical keyboard keeps you on your toes thanks to the rapid and responsive mechanical switches geared towards all styles of game play.. Ready to be plugged in and put to use straight out of the box or can be customized in a variety of ways to fit your unique gamestyle through the accompanying software. The KB-460 brings forth a perfect balance of performance, quality and customization options.

Check out Func’s cool story behind the creation of the KB-460 in the Youtube clip below.

Let’s take a closer look on the next page.

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6 years ago

i like it
i like it

6 years ago

Goofy Video…
What a goofy video… Jump to the 2m mark for 10s of actual description on the keyboard. Does anyone have any experience with both Brown and Red switches? Is the difference very noticeable? I bought my first mechanical keyboard over a year ago (Rosewill Cherry MX Browns) and absolutely love it. I like the backlit keys on this one and have always been drawn to a simpler gaming board. Are the reds as loud as browns, but softer to press?