Func KB-460 Mechanical Keyboard Review



The Cobalt Pro software does come with a traditional CD installer. I instead recommend that you can download the software from the Func site, or use this link below: 

The software opens up to the a screen that resembles the keyboard. There is quite a bit to take in. Here you can adjust all the keyboard’s basic an advanced functions. Those functions areas follows:

  • Restore key setting
  • Open Marco Setting window
  • Set key to Cut function 
  • Set key to Copy function
  • Set key to Paste function
  • Set key to Undo function
  • Set key to Select all function
  • Set key to Find function
  • Set key to Open New File function
  • Set key to Print function
  • Set key to Save File function
  • Set key to Launch a program
  • Disable Key function

To select a key function, you simply select one the M1 – M10 buttons. Once that is done, then you select the key you want to assign the function. You can then chose a function from a drop down menu.

There are couple ways to program the macro keys. You can record on the fly or you can load a previously programmed macro. Once down, you simply save the macro.


The Func KB-460 only comes with red backlighting.

Three optional brightness levels of the lighting. This is controllable via a function key. You can also turn the lighting completely off. One other lighting options is a breathing effect where the lighting dims and brightens itself.


Cherry MX Red switches are designed to be a gaming oriented switch. You do not have to press the key all the way down to register a key press. They are a lighter variation of the Black switch. Some find this key to be more difficult to type with of then the Cherry MX Brown, yet easier then the Blue switches.

The keys have an nice slightly textured finish to them. I had no issues with my key presses correctly registering once I became acclimated to the keyboard. The chassis is made from ABS plastic. It is very stiff and I noticed no bending or flex, even with the flip down feet in use. The rubber feet made sure the keyboard did not slide around. The wrist rest was a welcomed feature and one that I used.

The internal USB 2.0 ports and headset ports performed as described. The USB ports registered every device I plugged into them.

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6 years ago

i like it
i like it

6 years ago

Goofy Video…
What a goofy video… Jump to the 2m mark for 10s of actual description on the keyboard. Does anyone have any experience with both Brown and Red switches? Is the difference very noticeable? I bought my first mechanical keyboard over a year ago (Rosewill Cherry MX Browns) and absolutely love it. I like the backlit keys on this one and have always been drawn to a simpler gaming board. Are the reds as loud as browns, but softer to press?