Func KB-460 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Func KB-460 is a simple looking keyboard that is anything but simple. There is more then enough function to satisfy all but the most demanding gamer. All the function keys performed great. Creating macros and key functions was super easy and allowed for extensive key customization. The added media key function control is a nice feature. The KB-460 looks and performs like the high end gaming.

Every part of the keyboard has a very solid well built feel. The Cherry MX Red switches are very responsive and though a bit difficult to type with. Each key registered when pressed and I had no issues when pressing multiple keys at once. The keyboard has a precision instrument type feel to it. Gaming was simply a joy with the KB-460.

Func has brought to the market  has a well designed product. The included USB ports are a nice addition. I would have like to see some additional accessories, but at a price of $119.99 at Newegg and also available at Amazon at a more expensive price, that seems to be nitpicking a bit. Simply put, the Func KB-460 is a great keyboard for the price.


  • Solid feel
  • Added headset ports add extra functionality
  • Extremely customizable key functions


  • None

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6 years ago

i like it
i like it

6 years ago

Goofy Video…
What a goofy video… Jump to the 2m mark for 10s of actual description on the keyboard. Does anyone have any experience with both Brown and Red switches? Is the difference very noticeable? I bought my first mechanical keyboard over a year ago (Rosewill Cherry MX Browns) and absolutely love it. I like the backlit keys on this one and have always been drawn to a simpler gaming board. Are the reds as loud as browns, but softer to press?