G.Skill Ripjaws Z DDR3 2133 8GB Quad Kit

Closer look

G.Skill offers several different kits rated at 2133 MHz under the Ripjaws Z marker. The differences would be kit size, timings and voltages. One set has a set of red heat spreaders instead of the black we will be reviewing today. The difference is the timings which are lower at 11-11-11-30 while the rest of the series boast timings of atleast 9-11-x-x.

The official name of the set we are reviewing today is F3-17000CL9Q-8GBZH. This is an 8GB kits consisting of four 2 GB modules. The stock timings are pretty impressive at 9-11-10-28. The memory is Intel XMP certified meaning that it will adjust to these timings with the executing of the feature in the BIOS. And it will only do this properly on the Intel Z77 and X79 chipsets. Voltage-wise the kit is set at 1.65 which is at the higher level of voltage for these chipsets.

Buying an 8GB kit from a system may seems like it’s not enough. But if you really look into the situation of many people 8 GB is plenty. Not everyone is a gamer or digital artist. Then why purchase a kit that is rated at 2133MHz? Why not just settle for a 133MHz or 1600MHz kit? First of all, why settle? But some will like the slight increase in responsiveness. And plus the cost increase may not be that much.

The heat spreaders of the Ripjaws Z are not short but they are not extremely tall either. The height is just a bit taller than that of the Kingston HyperX we reviewed here.  So you run into issues with some coolers but if it just a matter of the fan sitting on top of the memory modules than a slight adjustment of the fan may solve the problem.

The modules are completely black with blue and white stickers placed in the middle. The spreaders are really fancy at all but do contain little ridges to give them a non-traditional look.

The opposite side of the modules looks pretty much the same except it does have a P/N sticker that gives details of the modules.

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