Gamdias Achilles M1 L Gaming Chair Review


As a Community, Gamers are pretty versatile. Thinking back to the Pre-DSL days we could play any game on any system, you would be at the computer lab in school playing with your friends. We’ve adapted in the last 10 years to want the best system out there, striving to  get that insane clock speed and proving your system is the best amongst your peers, but we often overlook things. One of the lesser known commodities is the chair you sit on. Think about it, whether you’re gaming, streaming, coding, overclocking or just watching videos online, you’re consistently doing one thing: Sitting. We don’t realize it but the chair we rest on is like our throne. You don’t see Kings sitting in a lawn chair. That’s why it’s crucial to spend a little more to get the maximum comfort on one of, if not THE most important aspect of our lifestyle, the chair.

It may sound crazy to shell out 500$ on a fully primed, luxurious throne, but then again you may not have even thought about how important it is. The difference between an average desk chair and chairs like the wonderful Gamdias Achilles M1_L is like Night and Day. Just assembly alone is a breeze, the quality of product is immense, for only 380$ on Newegg this chair feels like a crime, it should cost twice that.

A Giant Thank You to Gamdias for sending out this absolutely insane sample, Trust me when I say it’s going appreciated for at least 9 hours a day!

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