GAMDIAS ASTRAPE P1-750G RGB Power Supply review

Packaging & Unboxing


Gamdias always has colorful packaging and the Astrape P1-750W doesn’t disappoint. Besides a full-color picture of the PSU inside on the cover, it also has a few features highlighted such as an outstanding 10-year warranty, 100% Japanese capacitors, Fully modular cables and the Neon-flex RGB lighting.

The rear of the box shows some specs as well as covering the rest of the features list. All of the connectors available from the cord set are also listed.

The side of the box shows the silent mode and RGB switches on the rear of the PSU as well as a hand full of the 26 lighting effects.

The bottom of the box shows some features in 10 languages.

Opening the box up, you don’t initially see much as everything is contained in a foam block.

With the top of the foam out of the way, we find the power supply wrapped in a plastic bag in its own cradle and a bag with all the cables next to it.

The power supply and cable bag lift right out.

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