GAMDIAS ASTRAPE P1-750G RGB Power Supply review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Gamdias has one heck of an opening salvo in the power supply market. It’s rare for a newcomer to have such a beefy warranty, but 10 years certainly hangs with the big dogs. We threw a well equipped modern gaming system complete with a slightly overclocked Intel i7-8700K and a GTX 1080Ti with all the trimmings at it and it just laughed. Voltage regulation is good, and ripple is good. Build quality is great, and we couldn’t find any deficiencies inside or outside. The Neon-Flex lighting is great looking, it’s far more impressive in person than pictures can convey. We hope down the road to see software control for an easier sync with the rest of your system because this isn’t a power supply you want to just hide under a shroud.

The only real negative is the price. Landing at around $160 on the street, the Astrape P1-750W just doesn’t have that one compelling feature to justify a price upwards of 60% higher than its direct competition in this market segment. A quick search on Newegg for 750W 80+ Gold rated fully modular power supplies gives me these results as the top 8. You might try to call RGB lighting that one special feature but Thermaltake has an RGB power supply with a similar feature set and the same 10-year warranty for under $100. It’s a beautiful power supply with solid performance, but unless you just love the looks, it’s hard to justify the price difference on this one.


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