GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync 4133Mhz DDR4 Gaming Memory Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

GeIL once again delivers a great looking and high performing memory kit with the latest speed bins for its Super Luce RGB series. Even though we started out north of the 4GHz effective mark, we were still able to squeeze an extra 533MHz out of it. Not really sure what wall we slammed into at the 4700MHz mark, but it’s quite possible our i7-8700K or possible Asus Maximus X Apex were the limiting factor preventing us from overclocking further rather than the memory kit.

Even if memory overclocking is not your cup of tea, the 4133MHz speed should provide a noticeable boost over kits in the 2600-3400MHz range which most people use. We would have really liked to see GeIL provide a second XMP profile set to a little slower settings, maybe 3800MHz or so, just in case your system isn’t quite up to this high of a speed. The reason we say this is we actually had some stability issues with our test platform initially. We had to update the BIOS on our ASUS Maximus X Apex board to the latest to be stable at 4133MHz and above. You could run at the JEDEC default 2133MHz, or hand tune somewhere in between, but a second profile is quite handy and some very fast kits from other vendors do this. It’s not a complaint in the least, only a request. We certainly couldn’t find anything to complain about though, the Super Luce RGB did great!

Great job GeIL!

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