Giada A51 Ultra Mini PC

Closer look

Currently, Giada offers two models of their newest ultra mini-PC, the first is the A51 and the second is the I51. We will give you one chance to what is the difference between the two. Bingo. One is AMD based and the other Intel based. Good job. Moving on. We will be taking a look at the AMD unit that is based around the AMD E450 APU.

The AMD E450 is a dual core low power accelerated processor normally seen in notebooks. The APU is clocked at 1.3GHz with a GPU clock of 488MHz but does offer a turbo boost of 600MHz. Yes, the APU does have integrated graphics and combined with the CPU core does not consume more than 18W of TDP. A great way to save on the electricity bill and still be able to stream some high-def videos even with only 1MB (512kb per core) of L2 cache. The Brazos platform (which the E450 is a member) supports DDR3 1333MHz natively. More details of the CPU tell us the GPU integrated in the APU is a Radeon HD 6320.

The APU used in the A51 was designed to be ultrabook and notebook placements which in most cases ideal for multimedia purposes. So, the same should and will apply to net-tops and HTPC units. And the A51 can fall under both. And like the more portable units the A51 is designed to consume very little power which for the A51 is a total of 30 watts.

The A51 (all variations) are full supported by Windows (XP to Seven) but not included with the system. Support is also avialable for various forms of Linux.

The A51 comes equipped with two gigs of DDR3 1066 but also support up to 4GB using only one slot. For storage there is a 320GB, 5400RPM mechanical HDD.

Now we get into the design of the A51 physically. Giada fitted all the components into the small form factor possible. And the nice thing here is they were able to outfit it with all the needed connections to make the consumer’s purchase worthwhile.

The system is built of plastic and aluminum and is available in black or white. The use of aluminum is beneficial as it helps to defeat heat that may build up due to operation. And it also helps to keep the unit quiet operating at 26 dBA or less during loaded operations.

The unit measure 7.5” tall and has a depth of 6” and is only 1” thick.

The front of consists of just the power button and a trio of LED to show power and activity.

The top of the A51 has a digital card reader that is capable of reading SD, MMC and MS cards. An USB 3.0 port is included along with MIC and headphone jacks hidden behind a small plastic door.

The rear of the A51 a lock outlet for security purposes. For video output there are full HDMI and VGA connections. Each able to display full hi-def video with the HDMI being able to produce hi-def audio as well. You can connect to the internet as well as your own network via two methods: a hard-wired gigabit LAN port or Wi-Fi. Other devices can be connected to if they support Bluetooth. Additional storage can be added to the A51 using one of the four extra USB 2.0 ports.

The A51 comes equipped with a MC remote control, AC adapter, HDMI cable and clear standing for holding the box upright.

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