Giada A51 Ultra Mini PC

Giada A51One device we did not mention is the computer. A PC is the most cost effective way of connecting to the TV and not only being able to display your pictures, stream your videos and listen to your music but after you have done all that you can browse the internet maybe even play a game or two. And with a PC being as small or mini as they are they flow with all of the other components that make up your media theatre system without being the center of the setup.


The Giada A51 is any variation is nice to have sitting in the middle of our living room connected to our big screen television. And to add to its versatility it can be used for office work or general PC usage like browsing the web. And it performed well doing it all. Systems like the A51 offers many different usages and are not limited like external hard drives and media boxes like the Roku.

The A51 is able to playback hi-def videos with no issues. We did a quick run with streaming from places like YouTube and Hulu and across our home network with no issues over Wi-Fi. This is not only because of the E450 APU but the N standard wireless connection built into the unit that made the movie watching experience grand.

The only thing I can find that many will not appreciate is the fact the A51 does not come with an O/S installed. You will have to provide your own. Adding to the cost of the system. We know some people prefer an O/S besides Windows but the majority of the population do choose Windows and willing to pay the extra cost.

The A51 is very thin and compact requiring very little room. Some may not even notice it as it is easily overshadowed by things like gaming consoles, A/V recievers, Blu-ray players and other electonic devices that make up a good home threatre.

We found the Giada A51 at a couple of shops for roughly $260. Not a bad price for a complete machine without an O/S.

{aseadnetadblock|Giada A51|HTPC} 

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