GIGABYTE AORUS AX370 GAMING 5 AM4 AMD X370 Ryzen Series ATX Motherboard Review

Storage Benchmarks

AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark is a simple and portable utility which helps you measure the effectiveness and performance of any solid state (SSD) drives connected to your system. It will test “Seq”, “4K”, “4K-64Thrd” and Access Time. At the end, it will give your SSD a score. 4K tests the read/write abilities by access random 4K blocks while the Seq test measures how fast the drive can read a 1GB file.

The 240 GB Patriot Hellfire NVME achieved 2339.46 MB/s on the read and only 442.55 MB/s on the write. This is much slower than the advertised speeds. However, its similar to the results I recorded with the AORUS Z270X GAMING 5 and the 7700K.

In the AS SSD Copy Benchmark, the Patriot Hellfire did best with an ISO file, transferring 1084.39 MB/s in only 0.99 seconds.


The ATTO Disk Benchmark utility was designed to measure regular disk drive performance. However, its more than capable measuring both USB flash drive and SSD speeds as well. The utility measures disk performance rates for various sizes of file and displays the results in a bar chart showing read and write speeds at each file size. The results are displayed in megabytes per second.

The Patriot Hellfire achieved speeds of just under 3000 MB/s on the read and just over 2400 MB/s on the write. These speeds were pretty much at the advertised speeds. Also, they were slightly faster than with my 7700K.

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