GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X Gaming 5 ATX Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I love the new AORUS Falcon Head Logo.

At first glance, I loved the look of this board. To me, the black and white color scheme is a better choice than the black and red of the old G1 Gaming line up. Not that the old boards looked bad. I just feel that the more neutral black and white colors will fit into many more custom builds, as opposed to black and red. The aesthetic of this mid-range board gives it a high-end feel to it. Especially with the RGBW Lighting

As I will admit, I was never a huge fan of RGB lighting. As of late, with RGB lighting being everywhere in the enthusiast community, it’s started to grow on me. When over-done, RGB can kill even the best of builds. When implemented correctly, it can really add to the aesthetics of a build. It also helps when the software is user friendly, as in this case. The RGB fusion software is very straight forward and extremely user friendly. My absolute favorite feature of the RGB Fusion software is that I can sync my NON-GIGABYTE keyboard up with the lighting on my motherboard. More companies need to do that.

The overall performance and usability of this board was great and matched that of much higher-end boards on the market today. The Bios is laid out is such a way that even a new user can navigate the Bios very easily. I achieved my highest overclock yet with the Z270X Gaming 5, even higher than I was able to get on a board that costs over $400 USD. Now, when I review any product, I never look up the price until the review is complete and I’m on my conclusion. So, you could imagine my surprise when I saw the AORUS Z270X Gaming 5 on Newegg for only $194.99. Over the last few years, since Z97, I have fallen in love with GIGABYTE motherboards. The excellent performance and beautiful aesthetic, at a very reasonable price is why I’m very happy to award the AORUS Z270x Gaming 5 from GIGABYTE the Proclockers “Editor’s Choice” award. Whether you’re upgrading your board from Z170 or doing an entire new Kaby Lake build, there’s just not enough goods things to be said about the Z270X Gaming 5.


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