Gigabyte Aorus Z270X-Gaming 8 Motherboard Review


Haven’t heard of Aorus yet? It’s a subsidiary of Gigabyte Technology founder in 2014. Up until recently Aorus was focused on SLI gaming laptops, mechanical gaming keyboards, and other gaming peripherals. Now they have expanded into motherboards and graphics cards, where they will be mostly replacing Gigabyte’s previously G1 Gaming brand. Today we will be looking at one of their flagship model motherboards, the Z270X-Gaming 8.

The Aorus Z270X-Gaming 8 is Gigabyte’s second to the top of the line motherboard. There is support for both 6th and 7th Generation Intel Core processors. The four DDR4 dual channel memory slots can handle up to 164GB and at speeds up to 4133Mhz and beyond. There’s dual Turbo M.2 and dual Intel U.2 connectivity with transfer speeds up to 32 Gb/s. Eight SATA ports, four of which can be combined into two SATA Express ports, offer even more storage options. A total of five  rear USB 3.1 Type- A ports are complimented with an additional USB 3.1 Type-C port and multiple mid-board USB headers. Intel and Killer Doubleshot LAN chips provide high quality network connectivity, which is supplemented with dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth V4.0.

The Aorus Z270X-Gaming 8 is a flagship level gaming motherboard and as one might expect, there’s a plethora of features geared towards gamers. It features the most comprehensive RGB lighting system available, with multiple zones and even rear I/O lighting. Both two-way Nvidia Geforce SLI and three-way AMD CrossFireX configurations are supported. Creative Sound Blaster certified ZxRi 120dB+ audio with replaceable OP-AMPs deliver a high quality experience. If that wasn’t enough, an Aorus/Bitspower hybrid water block helps keep the VRM cool. Of course, a full software suite is also included.

Gigabyte’s take on the Aorus Z270X-Gaming 8

Bitspower G-Chill

AORUS and Bitspower have teamed up to create a superior performance hybrid water block featuring a high-flow pure copper water channel that’s placed directly over VRMs for superior cooling. G1/4” threaded fittings ensure compatibility with any setup you plan to create.

A Breath of Fresh Air.

Air cooling has never been so easy. You may find that even without an active cooling solution, this state-of-the-art heatsink performs better than anything you’ve encountered. That’s because its integral design was to improve upon traditional heatsinks.

Keep your PC Hydrated.

Unleash the performance of your PC. By actively cooling your gaming rig, gamers can push the limits of the CPU even further with more stable overclocks. Even when you don’t need the performance your PC will thank you for it.

The Life of the Party

Most gamers don’t stop, so your PC shouldn’t either. Components that are consistently placed under thermal stress will often fail or die completely. With liquid cooling you can expect a longer lifespan from your PC.


AORUS’ 200 series motherboards boast the most advanced LED system in the market today. With more customizability than ever and a convenient and intuitive UI thanks to the RGB Fusion App, you’ll have a blast making your AORUS your own. LED enthusiasts now have even more options with the ability to customize multiple zones independently. For a more functional use, the bright and vibrant LEDs can be configured to display the PC’s temperature or load. For even more LED goodness RGBW strips are now supported for more true and vibrant whites.

Creative Sound Blaster Certified ZxRi 120dB+ Audio

The Z270X-Gaming 8 boasts a combination of Hi-Fi grade WIMA capacitors and Nichicon audio grade Fine Gold capacitors. While the Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors are suited for high-grade audio equipment, using state of the art technology to provide rich sound in the bass and clearer high frequencies, the WIMA FKP2 capacitors are being used widely in premium grade Hi-Fi systems. The addition of this to the exclusive AORUS AMP-UP Audio technology makes for the ideal onboard sound solution for the most demanding audiophiles.

AMP-UP™ Audio Technology with Triple Upgradable OP-AMPs

AORUS offers true sound customization with its triple upgradable OP-AMP solution. To ensure users receive the best sound profile matching their needs and experience the most enjoyable audio, AORUS has included an OP-AMP for both left and right channels on the rear I/O as well as a dedicated OP-AMP for the front audio jack.

Dual Killer + Intel® Networking

Automatically prioritize your game network needs over the fastest available connection for high quality, lag-less and uninterrupted gaming connectivity.

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