Gigabyte Radeon HD 5750 Silent-Cell

Closer look at the Gigabyte Radeon HD 5750 Silent Cell

The Silent Cell HD 5750 is quite different from that of the reference design. This is obvious as the reference designs are all actively cooled and our Silent Cell is passively cooled. Gigabyte used a rather large aluminum cooler compared to the size of the actual video card. The aluminum fins extends upon the top and end edges of the GPU to take advantage of the air circulation of the case in which it is housed.

Without such a layout you would suffer horrible and that would lead to crashes and blue screens. According to Gigabyte the surface area of the new cooler is a 602% upgrade, Upgrade from what? We would assume either previous Silent Cell models like the 9600GT or 9800GT Nvidia models or maybe the reference design.

In aid to the aluminum fins are three copper heat pipes which travel through the fins. And the copper heat pipes make their way to the copper base. The heat pipes help to distribute heat generated by the GPU up into the fins. Once the heat is dissipated by the fins your case air ventilation is left to do the rest of the works.

Sitting underneath all the metal that is the passive heat sink is a 700MHz GPU. With the memory being clocked at 1.15GHz. The specifications of the pretty close to those of the HD 5770 but with a slow GPU speed.

Looking at the card from the rear you will see a series of fins, these fins comes in contact with the cool air from outside the case and travels across the surface of the interior fins for better cooling performance. Also making their home here are the display connections which would consist of two DVI (one DVI-I/one DVI-D) connections, a single HDMI and a single old school VGA port. Missing is a display port so an adapter will be needed.

Standard amongst HD 5750 video cards is the need for a 6-pin power plug. Sitting at the top of the card are two crossfire slots. Normally, lower end Radeon cards only have a single slot for crossfire. But in this case multiple slots for a greater number of crossfire possibilities.

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